‘The Spy Who Saved The World – Then Tried To Destroy It’, The Daily Beast, November 3 2013:

‘Eighties Music, Cheesy But Good’, Intelligent Life, March 14 2013:

‘The ‘‘secret agents’’ of the UK press’, BBC News, March 3 2013: (Listen to the programme here:

‘You Couldn’t Make It Up’, Intelligent Life, November 14 2012:

‘All Shall Have Stars’, Intelligent Life, October 19 2012:

‘The Bond That Got Away’, The Sunday Telegraph, February 27 2011:

‘Bringing Our Spies In From The Cold’, The Mail On Sunday, November 7 2010.

‘Mariehamn, Finland: My Kind of Town’, The Daily Telegraph, August 24 2010:

‘How Ian Fleming’s book on gems was neglected’, The Sunday Times, March 7 2010:

‘Fact and fiction surrounding MI5 and MI6’, The Sunday Times, May 17 2009:

‘Spy walk: Kensington and Chelsea’, Time Out, May 14 2009:

‘Top 10 real-life spy gadgets’, The Times, May 11 2009:

‘Happy birthday, Len Deighton: we need you now more than ever’, The Guardian, February 19 2009:


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